Dearborn, MI - Pre-Sale Available Until Wednesday, May 22nd

Welcome to Ride + Rumble, your premier destination for infrared enhanced, group fitness. Rock your workout with high-energy, soul filling cycling + boxing classes. All led by our top-notch instructors. This is the R+R you really need.

Thinking about becoming a member? Don't wait, NOW is the best time to sign up as pricing for all memberships and packages will increase when we open doors on May 22nd.


Hack your workout with infrared technology. Say hello to healthier skin, increased calorie burn, reduced soreness and more.


Let's have some fun! Workout together and level up. Community, fun, and sweat are never in short supply at R+R.


Most times we need a swift kick. Our live instructors will not only fire you up but guide you to your goals with each and every class.


We are women who crave variety. At R+R you get just that, sweat it out with cycling or boxing. Your class packs are usable on either.


We are here for the ladies, each and every day. Experience not only privacy, but custom workouts designed for women, by women.


Existing Members

Are you an RE24 member? Great news! As a member of the RE fam, you receive an exclusive 50% discount off pre-sale rates, valid while your RE24 membership is active. Not available for online purchase. Text or call us to purchase.

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Get more for less. Sign up for a free visit at RE24 to see what the hype is all about. When you become a member you will get 50% off your Ride + Rumble classes.


Imagine the soothing sensation of basking in the sun on the perfect 80-degree day. A dry, comfortable warmth that reaches every corner of your body. That is Infrared.

Infrared is the safest part of the sun's spectrum, designed to nurture your body from the inside out, promoting a natural detoxifying sweat that elevates your endorphin levels and enhances your recovery.

At Red Effect, we level up your workout with infrared panels installed in our studio ceiling.


Enhanced Recovery, Detoxification, Pain Relief, Anti-aging, Increased Calorie Burn, Lowers Blood Pressure, Boosts the Immune System


Will you have in person classes with Instructors?

Yes we will! Ride + Rumble is all about group fitness and community. You can expect your favorite instructors back on the mic and ready to rumble.

Will there be infrared?

Yes! Both our cycling and boxing studio will be heated with far infrared panels.

Can I workout between classes?

No, Ride + Rumble is a group fitness experience only. If you want to workout between classes we would suggest checking out RE24 right next door! At RE24 you get 24/7 access so you can workout on your schedule.

What class concepts do you offer?

This is Ride + Rumble, aka cycling and boxing.

How long are classes and what is the schedule?

Classes are 50 minutes. The class schedule will be released prior to opening. We will have both morning and evening availability during the week. Saturdays will have classes during the mornings only.

How do I sign up?

Select your package at, then create your account or login to finalize your purchase.

When will you open?

We open doors on Wednesday, May 22nd for a 6 day Heat Wave where you can take unlimited classes for $1. The Heat Wave is free to pre-sale members. Memberships and packages will begin on Wednesday, May 29th. We will share any information we can on Instagram first so make sure to follow along @rideandrumble_dearborn

I am a RE24 member, can I use Ride + Rumble?

Yes you can! RE24 members get an exclusive 50% discount off pre-sale rates at Ride + Rumble, valid while your RE24 membership is active. This is only available for purchase through an RE24 staff member. Text or call us for more information: 313.464-0160

Where are you located?

Ride + Rumble is located at 23600 Michigan Ave, Dearborn, MI 48124, across from Village Ford.

Call or Text Us | 313.464.0160

23600 Michigan Ave, Dearborn, MI 48124

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